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Home School Program Information

Homeschool students are welcome at our school. We gladly accept students in grades K-8, with placement in particular courses determined by our administration. This program intends to provide supplemental learning opportunities for students already enrolled in a homeschool program. Upon completion of a homeschooled student's time with us, MHCS will be able to:

  • Provide a transcript of coursework, if desired.
  • Upon request, write a letter indicating attendance and academic achievement and report on the student’s behavior while at MHCS.

Interested in our Homeschool Program? Fill out the inquiry form below for more information. If you have any additional questions or inquiries, please direct them to our Admissions Director.

Admittance Policies

  • Our school administrator has the authority to determine homeschooled students' grade/course placement, as enrollment opportunities are based on availability within the requested grade/course. 
  • Parents/guardians and students must complete the necessary forms, including signing the contract, which indicates support for and compliance with the school's mission and behavior expectations.
  • Acceptance into grades K-8 may depend upon previous academic records, agreement with our standards and policies, and an assessment.
  • All tuition and fees must be paid in full by the first day of each semester the student attends MHCS.

Financial Information

Payment Policy

The total amount of tuition due per semester is determined by the sum of the fees and the tuition a family would pay. Please see “Fees” and “Tuition” below for how those are determined.

Tuition payments are due on or before the first day of each semester the student attends. Checks payable to MHCS are accepted. Credit cards are not accepted.

In the event of early withdrawal, the first month's tuition and registration fee are non-refundable. For questions regarding our home school tuition payments, please contact our Office Manager.


Fees are non-refundable and are determined by the number of courses a homeschooled student plans to take (see below).

Registration Fee: $85.00 paid once per school year

Book/Activity Fee: $40.00 per course

Total Fees = Registration Fee + Book / Activity Fee


Tuition is determined by the number of days per week you plan on enrolling your student. The cost per semester for different course offerings is listed below.

2024-25 MHCS Homeschool Tuition Per Period

                                                         2024-25 Part-Time Tuition
                                                         Year              Semester

Tuition 5 Days/Week                    $9,094.14     $4,547.07

Single Period                                 $1,136.77      $568.38

Mornings (4 class periods)         $4,547.07      $2,273.54

Inc. Lunch/Recess (5 periods)    $5,683.84      $2,841.92

2 Days/Week (Single Period)       $3,637.66      $1,818.83

3 Days/Week (Single Period)       $5,456.48      $2,728.24